boot camp...bring your baby!

so, we've been busy.  that's an understatement

let's sum up month by month, shall we?

May: John working, Arabelle becoming a toddler, me becoming a full fledged fitness instructor

June: Brother married, Boston is hot, in Atlanta for the wedding, in Florida or a vacation

July: Arabelle turns 2, I decided to buy a business, we decide to move

August thus far: officially own said business, officially moving in 10 days, Arabelle officially a toddler WITH tantrums, John officially at his company for 1 year

So, that's the short version.  But, the essentials are there.  We have been in Boston for a year now, and LOTS has changed.  The biggest being that I have decided to run my own business.  Baby Boot Camp.  When we first moved here, I got involved with the company as a client because I was determined to meet people before the snow moved in...I refused to be a hermit all winter!  Then, I decided that I perhaps would like to instruct the classes.  It was a good choice.  I was completely surprised by how much I would love the community I found.  Then, I was offered the chance to run one of the franchises here in Boston.  I never would have imagined this coming my way.  But, it has made a difference in my life, and I am so excited to share this experience with other moms.  I have never been this fit or healthy.  I totally give babybootcamp all of the credit.  I am very proud to be part of this company.

Look for some more posts....Im trying!


lets begin with Easter, shall we?

So not posting for 4 months. Yep, we will leave it at that.
Last weekend we took Arabelle to an egg hunt at one of the community centers; some of our friends invited us and it was great fun!  She actually understood what the point was, and totally got into it.
And, then totally popped her balloon 3 seconds after the easter bunny gave it to her.  Pretty funny.  In other news, we are good....a few holidays, a snow season, lots of colds and sickness, and we made it out of our first winter here.  We are so happy spring is finally making its' way up here.  Lots of walks and playground days are in our very near future...thank goodness.  Look for more frequent posting!  Maybe...


making wrapping paper

yep, she likes the camera...and we are making cheap wrapping paper today. hopefully she wont rip it all.


our card this year

Love 2010 Christmas Card
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So, we are joining the many who are blogging about their christmas cards this year.  Shutterfly is a great resource for ordering not only christmas cards, but also other gifts, like calendars and magnets and personalized gifts.  We've used shutterfly over the years for all of our cards, calendars and magnets, and are excited to have them make this year's as well.  Several years ago, we used our dog, Parker, dressed as an elf, on one of their photo cards, some of you may remember that card….he was not happy!

There are so many different styles and these are a few of my favorite this year:

I love that Shutterfly has such a wide selection.  You can make a very simple, classic card, or you can be all modern or even go with a retro style.  And the colors on their cards are great!  When they are printed they always look better than when you ordered them.

And, last year, when Arabelle joined us, we made a calendar for the first time....it turned out great!  Our relatives were very happy to receive one.  And, it was so easy to make!

We already have our holiday photo card picked out, so you will have to wait to see which one we picked.  But because of their great selection it was hard to decide.  We can't wait to send ours out!  And, we’ve also made another calendar this year.  How could you not!  It’s a nice gift to give, especially since we live so far away from relatives.  I have also always wanted to make one of the photo books they offer.   It seems very easy to make and it would be a great way to archive pictures.  It's on my to do list!

Hope you are enjoying this holiday season!  If you haven’t picked out your cards yet, Shutterfly is a great company to use….and you still have time to get those cards out!



....that's fun to say!
So with the holiday season here, I figured it would be a good time to update this piece of cyber world I claim to own.  
We moved to Boston in late August, moved into our apartment in September, and since then have been inundated with new friends, new work, new things to do ALL of the time, and new pictures! I will post a bunch just in case you forgot what we looked like.


tea, party of 3

So most of you know by now, we are moving to Boston!  John was offered and accepted a great position at a company that is relatively new, but has a very promising future.  Apparently they make diesel fuel using sunlight, CO2, and micro organisms.  They have a patent on the technology they developed and the company is hoping to start selling real diesel fuel in the next few years...that is if John can figure out why the little micro organisms wont spit it out....that's my version of what he's going to be doing...his is much more complicated.

Anyway, it's a great job for him and we are very excited about living in Boston.  I will be able to stay at home with Arabelle, maybe teach community college if the mood strikes.  He is already there, found a place for us to live, and starting work on Monday.  Arabelle and I will be flying up next week...pretty much a sucky situation, but it had to be done this way...it worked out for the best.  And, thanks for Micah and Marianna, John has a place to stay for a few nights before our new lease starts on Sept. 1st.

It's been a HOT, crazy summer for us in Atlanta, and to be honest, we are glad to be leaving the humidity.  Any of you hot folks want a vacation to some 70 degree weather let us know...give us a few weeks to get settled first!

Once I unload pictures from my camera I will post a bunch...but here's a few from our adventures this summer.



Last weekend John graduated!!!  He will tell you that I made him participate in the graduation ceremony, but I think deep down he wanted to.  It was a nice graduation, short and sweet....although there were a lot of graduate graduates...make sense?  It was a ceremony just for the graduate student at UConn...undergrad graduation was separate.  Arabelle cheered for her daddy and we got some good pictures.  Im super proud of John...he basically did all of the work for this thesis this year...and it was a lot...on top of being a TA and taking classes.  But, he is done and we will be making some big decisions as far as finding a job and moving in the very near future.  He has had a few interviews...all promising...and we are waiting for the companies to make their decisions.  The good news is that he can continue working at UConn as a lab tech if none of the other positions work out.  So we have a plan B until he does find something permanent.